Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy 1 Month Birthday!

1 Month Old

Sophie & Stella,
Happy 1 month birthday to my two cute little dumplings! Mommy and daddy have had so much fun watching you girls grow up. Mommy bought a CD of baby music called "Daybreak." When Aunt Juji was a baby, we played this CD every morning when we got her up and ready, so I bought it and have been playing it every morning with you girls.

This week was the first time mommy left you home alone with someone other than daddy. Aunt Juji babysat you for a half an hour while mommy went for a run. I was a little nervous leaving you alone with anyone so soon, but Aunt Juji has been helping mommy out every day with taking care of you, so I knew she would do a good job! You girls slept the whole time anyway.

Daddy and I have noticed that you are sleeping better this week. We've started getting into a routine at night. When it's time for your last feeding, mommy nurses and burps, and then we get you changed into your swaddles, turn on your Lambie noise machine, and read a few books. Sometimes we have a bath before nursing and we always end the night reading "Good Night Moon."

Tummy time has become enjoyable to you both and you are really liking your Activity Gym that Noel and Jake bought you. You both are starting to lift your heads and turn them from side to side, showing how strong you are! Here is a video of Sophie playing on the activity mat for the very first time.

You girls are starting to notice black and white patterns whenever we put them in front of you. Your activity mat has a lot of black and white on it and so do your crib bumpers that I made you. Everytime I catch you looking at the patterns, your eyes get all big and you look like you're in a distant daze. It is so cute.

Inside of Bumpers with Houndstooth pattern
Speaking of your crib bumpers, I finally finished one set. I still have to sew together the second set, but I haven't found the time and you're still sleeping in one crib for now. I got the pattern from this great site and the bumpers were really easy to make. At first I was a little intimidated because I hadn't sewn in quite a few years and it seemed that sewing on a binding/piping would be more than I could handle, seeing as I like everything to look professionally done. But, the bumpers turned out really good and I'm so happy with them. I also finished your toddler bed comforters. Everything matches now and you have some beautiful patterns and fabrics in your nursery now. The last piece to do is just hanging up the ribbon mobiles I made.

First Trip to the Jumps!
This week was Daddy's first day ski jumping this summer. Daddy has been a ski jumper since he was 6 years old and got to jump in the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, UT as a forerunner. Daddy likes to jump in the summer and tries to get out a few times each year. He is planning on jumping in the Lake Placid Saturday Series this summer with all the young athletes.

Mommy brought you to the ski jumps for the first time this week to watch Daddy jump. Everyone was so excited to meet you! I'm sure you will have hundreds and hundreds of trips to the ski jumps over the years. Everyone is asking which one of you will be a future jumper, especially now that Women's Ski Jumping is an Olympic sport! I guess we'll have to see if either of you end up doing it or taking up something else instead. Uncle Casey votes for Golf or Tennis!

I can't believe you girls are already 1 month old. It seems like yesterday I was holding you for the very first time and now you are a month old! I can't wait to enjoy the next month.


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