Saturday, April 30, 2011

30 weeks 5 days - April 30, 2011

To My Darlings Sophie & Stella,

Mommy is still in the hospital at Fletcher Allen. Thursday night, daddy left and went back to Lake Placid to take care of work and the house and keep the puppers occupied for the night. He is planning on coming back to spend the weekend at the hospital with me. Daddy went to birthing class on Thursday by himself and learned all about the day we get to take you home from the hospital and the first days at home. All our birthing class friends sent well wishes hoping that I stayed okay and you girls stay incubating in mommy's tummy. Daddy and I skyped for the first time after he came home from birthing class and he told me all about what he learned. I also got to see the puppers for the first time all week through the video camera, which made mommy very emotional. So, Thursday night was pretty good, you guys were active but content. I woke up pretty early, because the nurses came in at 4am. I couldn't go back to sleep so I decided to turn the TV on and watch the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. It was one of those events that everyone will probably remember and say, “what were you doing when the Prince got married? Did you watch?” So I watched for part of the wedding and then tried to go back to sleep for a while. When I finally woke up, the doctors told me I could walk around and did not have to be on bed rest, which made mommy very happy. It's hard to tell someone who is active that they have to stay in bed all day, except to get up and go to the bathroom. It looked like it was going to be a really nice day out, and I was looking forward to getting some fresh air. The only problem is that I didn't feel great when I got up. My back was bothering me in the same place it did when I went into labor on Monday, which really scares me. Mommy decided to take it easy for the day and stay in her room, mostly in bed. I tried to keep myself comfortable but it seems like you guys had other plans for me and wanted to keep me in pain! I started having contractions and seriously sharp back pains throughout the day. The pains were so bad and the contractions were so close together that they rushed me back up to Labor and Delivery and started monitoring me immediately. I called daddy and told him to leave right away and come over, because the doctor's were concerned that I was going to give birth that night. Daddy rushed over and was followed by Grammy, Aunt Ashley, Aunt Julianna, Uncle Tony, Aunt Ashleah, Uncle Torry, Janer and Poppa. We were all really scared and didn't know what to expect. The contractions finally stopped at about 1:00am and mommy was able to get some sleep.

Today, things have slowed down a bit and the contractions have pretty much suppressed. The doctors gave me some pain medication called NuBain which helped take the edge off my back pain. They also had me get a kidney ultrasound to make sure I don't have any kidney stones. Jacki & Eric Smith came to visit today and brought the cutest little outfits for you two! They are little bodysuits with hot pink tutus attached. I asked Daddy if we could take you home in those and he laughed! I can't wait to see you in them...they are adorable. Jacki also brought mommy her favorite cookies from New Hampshire. When you girls get bigger, I'll take you to New Hampshire and we'll eat lots of shortbread cookies! Mommy also got to take a really nice, long, warm bath up in Labor and Delivery after Jacki & Eric left, which was so nice! Apparently after my bath I will be leaving the beautiful views of Labor and Delivery and going back to my little “apartment” on Shep 5. Daddy, Grammy, Aunt Ashley, Aunt Juli, and Uncle Tony are all still here keeping mommy company. Mommy has also gotten lots of well wishes from everyone at Adworkshop and all around Lake Placid. All mommy and daddy's friends have been sending messages on Facebook and via text messages hoping that you two stay put for a while! Hopefully you both listen to all of them.

Stay put you two!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

30 weeks 3 days - April 28, 2011

To my Two "Little Angels," Sophie & Stella,

Blogging in the Hospital!
You've definitely made your presence known to the world already. I can tell that you are both little anxious girls who can't wait for much...kind of like your mommy! On Monday night, mommy went into labor while at Paul Smith's College evaluating final Marketing presentations with two colleagues, Andy and Jon. Now, I'm only 30 weeks along so the last thing I was thinking was that I was in labor, but you two are persistent little buggers and kept putting pressure on my back. I was in so much back pain when I left Paul Smiths and drove home, I had to call daddy and have him meet me outside to help get me out of the car! Daddy helped me to the couch and I laid down and put a hot pack on my side. This seemed to help for a while and then I'd be in excruciating pain again. Looking back, there was definitely a pattern and had I thought for a moment that I was in labor, I would have recognized the pattern immediately. At about 11:30 - 4 hours into labor - we decided to go to the hospital in Saranac Lake. We got there and they rushed us up to the OB unit, where they announced that I was indeed in labor at 30 weeks. Girls...mommy almost lost it. I was freaking out, looking at daddy and kept saying how scared I was. I knew that at 30 weeks, your lungs would not be developed and that you would be really tiny and all I could think about was that we just were not ready for you to meet us yet. Daddy called your Aunt Ashley, and she rushed over to the hospital to be with us, just in case something happened. Hopefully my painful screams wouldn't scare her away! The doctor did an exam and said I was effaced and 2 centimeters dialated. Daddy and I have been going to birthing class, so we knew what this meant and knew it had to be stopped or you two would be entering this world a wee bit early. They gave me some medication to suppress the contractions and then gave me a steroid to help speed up the development of your lungs just in case you did come too early.

I kept telling everyone that you two think it is time to come, because Daddy and I built your cribs Sunday night and said how excited we were to meet you, especially since the nursery is now coming together!

We got really lucky while at AMC Hospital, because an ambulance from CVPH in Plattsburgh happened to be at AMC and offered to transport us to Fletcher Allen. We got all ready and daddy hopped in the car and we all drove to Fletcher Allen at 1:30 am. When we got to Fletcher Allen, they wheeled us up to Labor and Delivery which has to be one of the most beautiful places in a hospital. The rooms are so nice with the gorgeous views of Burlington, Lake Champlain, and the Adirondack Mountains...not that I could really appreciate any of it but it was still nice. The nursing staff up there was so attentive and they got me settled right in and starting preparing us for the worst...what would happen if we delivered you guys that night. The pediatricians came in and explained that you would be small but that you have a great chance of survival at 30 weeks. Every day that you stay in mommy's belly is one day closer to fully developed. You would have to stay in the NICU for close to 7 or 8 weeks while your brain developed and you both learned how to eat and breath on your own.

So Tuesday, I stayed up in Labor and Delivery all day while they monitored me around the clock. The contractions started to subside enough that they allowed me to finally eat some normal food which tasted so good! When you are pregnant and have also gone through a lot, your emotions are very crazy. I cried when they brought me my food because I hadn't eaten anything in almost 24 hours and it was a sign that we were taking a turn for the better! Yesterday, they finally released me from Labor and Delivery and checked me into my "semi-permanent" room on the 5th floor in the Mother/Baby wing of Fletcher Allen. This is where everyone goes when they are on supervised bedrest or are recovering after a baby. My room is much smaller, the view is of another wing of patient rooms, and the windows do not open. Not quite my idea of an "extended stay" but what are you going to do? At least I have a private room to myself. Mommy and daddy got settled in and then they started doing routine tests. The doctors finally came in to talk with us and gave us the news that I would not be going home this week like I had expected, but that they were keeping me here until at least May 9th which is when you both hit the 32 week mark. I was totally not ready for that news and was very emotional. How was I going to spend 12 more days in the hospital without going crazy? How was I going to do it without daddy here and being so far away from home?

Daddy and I put a plan together and he drove home last night to gather up lots of belongings so I would have the stuff here that I routinely use and stuff to keep me busy. Adworkshop is gathering up my files and laptop so that I can remotely work from the hospital all next week, which will make me feel like I am accomplishing something and keep my mind off of being in the hospital away from friends and family. I really hope that I am only going to be staying in the hospital until May 9th and no longer. I know it is important for you girls to stay in mommy's tummy, but hopefully you will be good little girls and give me the next 11 days without any trouble so I can go home and finish getting your nursery ready for you! I still have to finish making your crib blankets and bumper pads.

I love you both so much and as much as I can't wait to meet you, I hope me and daddy don't meet you for at least a few more weeks!

Hugs and Kisses,

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

29 weeks 1 day - April 19, 2011

29 Weeks
Belly Measures: 40.0 inches
Weight: 162.2 lbs

Sophie & Stella,
We've started working on the nursery more and have all the fabrics picked out for the bedroom. Mommy is taking on a large project and making your baby blankets, crib comforters and bumpers, and the mobiles that will hang over your cribs. When we found out we were having two girls, I started looking for some cute nursery themes that weren't too "themey" but was unable to find anything that I liked. I started researching some sewing projects to see if I could find some simple patterns to custom make your bedding, etc. and came across some really cute and easy patterns for making a Crib Quilt, Crib Bumpers, and Baby Blanket with Satin Trim. Aunt Ashley, Aunt Juli, and mommy decided to go to a fabric shop in Burlington called "Rags to Riches" and start looking for some pretty fabrics to use. Mommy decided that she really wants to use a Houndstooth pattern because it is chic and not used enough. Houndstooth can be extremely busy, so we had to find a lot of other fabrics to incorporate into the nursery with it. We decided that instead of a traditional baby pink, we'd go with something a little more bold and settled on a bright, raspberry pink. Then we found some cream fabrics, a beautiful houndstooth, and a really pretty floral pattern that matches the cream and raspberry pink. I can't wait to start putting the pieces together and get the crib bedding done.
Houndstooth & cream fabrics
Raspberry Pink and Pretty Floral
Mommy has started making the baby blankets and got some really soft, fuzzy white fabric to go with the houndstooth and some hot pink satin trim. I've got the pieces cut right now and just need to start sewing them together. I'm so excited to see what they look like finished!
Ribbon Mobile

I've also finished two of the three mobiles and am halfway through the third mobile. I found an idea online for the mobiles that uses ribbon and an embroidery hoop. I ended up using copper hoops I found at Creative Habitat and bought yards and yards of fun ribbons in all different patterns and colors from Joann Fabrics and then hot glued the ribbons onto the copper hoops. The mobiles are turning out really cute and I can't wait to get the cribs set up so we can hang the mobiles and see what everything looks like!

Little Ducati Socks from Aunt Annie
In other news, your lovely godfather, Tobin and his wife Annie sent you girls a present this week. Annie saw a little girl wearing Ducati socks down in New York and just had to get them for you girls. She knows how much you need to be decked out in some motorcycle gear! I can't wait to put these socks on you when you arrive. Now, we just need to find little moto track suits or some really cute Subaru baby clothes so that daddy can show you both off!

Today you two have been kicking quite a bit and mommy had her first weird "baby dream" last night. I dreamt that you both started pushing on mommy's tummy so hard that I could see the outline of your faces, and then all of a sudden I could see your blue eyes looking back at me. Then out of nowhere, daddy and I pulled you out of my tummy (still attached though) so that we could hold you and see what you look like. The funny thing was that your backsides were not fully developed yet and there were still places where you did not have any skin. It wasn't gross at all in my dream, even though it sounds kind of gross. It was more like you both weren't really ready to come out, and the fact that your bottoms were still "growing" made it very obvious that you still have a lot of developing to do inside mommy's tummy. I hope you both continue to stay in and incubate over the next few weeks. As much as I want you in this world so that we can meet you, we want you to stay inside my belly as long as needed so that you both come out healthy and are able to come home with us instead of staying in a NICU at Fletcher Allen.

Can't wait to meet you girls. I love you so much!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

28 weeks 1 day - April 12, 2011

Sophie & Stella,
Sorry it's been so long since the last post. Mommy's life has been pretty hectic trying to wrap things up at work and preparing for your arrivals. Mommy had a baby shower two weeks ago on March 26 at Aunt Jessica's house. Your Aunts Ashleah, Jessica, and Ashley threw the shower with help from your Grandma's Janer and Leanne. The shower was mainly family and a few family friends. It was really cute and nice to see everyone. You girls were really spoiled at the shower with lots of cute clothes.

I think my favorite was from your Great Gram & Gramps LaBrake. Gramps picked out these adorable pink chiffon dresses and little white patent leather mary jane shoes. Also mommy's Aunt Colleen and cousin Kara sent little black bodysuits with pink tutus attached to them. I can't wait to put you both in these with little pink tights on!

Daddy's whole family pitched in and bought a crib, mattress and rocking chair, while mommy's family purchased the other crib, mattress and rocking chair. Mommy got really emotional when she found out the cribs and rocking chairs were purchased. I cried at the shower because it they were such big purchases and our families came together to make sure that we had some of the important nursery items we really needed. It was a lot of weight off my shoulders and I can't wait to set the cribs up...they are so cute!

Uncle Dan made the two cakes with your names on them. The cake was so good, mommy ate two from each cake! Aunt Ashley also had your names personalized on pink and green M&Ms and handed them out in little purses as the shower favors. It was a really nice shower and I had such a good time. It took forever for me to go through all the gifts. Your nursery was so filled with stuff, we could barely open the door!

Mommy and daddy ended up putting a closet system in your closet so that we can fit lots of clothes in there. We still have 2 more months till you come and 1 more shower on April 30th and your closet is already jam packed with clothes (you're already taking after mommy)!! Mommy also set up the rocking chairs tonight so she has a place to sit in the nursery and think about what life is going to be like when you both bless us with your presence!

Mommy and daddy have had a couple of doctor's appointments since we found out you were both going to be girls. So far, everything seems to be gong well and you both are growing at a normal pace. Mommy started having dreams that one of you was going to turn out as a boy, so the sonographer double-checked and sure enough you are both girls! We actually had an appointment in Burlington this morning and daddy and I got to see how much you both have grown. It is amazing to watch you both moving inside mommy's tummy. As of right now you both are about 15 inches. Sophie weights 2 lbs 10 oz. and Stella weighs 2 lbs 13 oz.

Your Aunt Ashley has started planning our second baby shower for April 30th and it's mainly going to be mommy & daddy's friends. It will be so nice to see everyone while I can still get around! You both have been very active lately with lots of little fists and feet protruding out from my tummy. It is very funny to watch and me & daddy will sometimes sit and watch my belly for up to an hour while you both play! Right now you are both head down. Sophie is sitting lower than Stella but all 4 legs and feet are all together on the upper right side of mommy's tummy. Your 4 feet kick all day long and make me laugh!

Mommy and daddy have also been thinking about important people that have been a part of our lives for a long time and that we hope will be a special part of your lives. We decided on your godparents and can't wait until you both get to meet them. Two of daddy's closest friends, Tim Maxwell and Tobin Whitman will be your godfathers and mommy's best friend from Florida State, Leah Hubbard and your Aunt Ashley are your godmothers. They are all very happy and honored. Mommy and daddy still need to figure out who gets which kid. We may just pick names out of a hat or maybe both of you will have two godmothers and fathers! They are all really excited to meet you and I hope you become close with them like mommy and daddy are.

Can't wait to see you both real soon!

Monday, April 11, 2011

28 weeks 0 days - April 11, 2011

28 weeks
belly measures: 39.0 inches
weight: 160 lbs

28 week belly shot taken on Poppa's birthday. Mommy is starting to get a little big and feeling heavy.