Tuesday, March 28, 2017

We're Baaack!

It has been over 5 years since I last posted here. Times are a-changing but life is still as fun and hectic as always. Just about the time I stopped posting at the end of 2011 was right when I got back to work full time - 40+ hours of marketing and advertising for clients and then trying to be mother-of-the year and keep our home in order. I quickly realized that something had to go...this blog was one of those things. We have had an amazing first 5 years and Sophie and Stella are soon to be 6, which just blows my mind! 

Here is a photo snapshot of the last 5 years....we've been enjoying these girls and making memories SO much!


Family photo shoot

One Year Old Beauties
Happy July 4th
Be My Valentine
Be My Valentine 2016


Happy 4th Birthday!

Sisterly love at the Ski Jumps
Merry Christmas 2016

First Train Ride in Boston

Happy Easter 2016

Happy Independence Day 2016

First Day of Kindergarten

Christmas 2016 Dab

Sleeping Beauties

Sisterly Love

Ski Break at mid-station

Budding Artists
Crazy Hair Day at Kindergarten

Best Friends on St. Paddy's Day

Bluebird family day
Stay tuned...I'm committed to continuing to document the Art of Raising Twins...it's a blast!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Snapshots & Studs

My Little Gerber Babies
6 months old!

Dear my cute little baby dolls,
You made it to six months! The picture up above was taken on your six month birthday. Mommy posted it on Facebook and got a ton of comments. They said things like, "they look like Gerber babies" and "they are so cute!" You girls really are very cute. I know I'm your mommy, but you girls are darling. The last few days have been so much fun. Janer put you in the exersaucer and walker and apparently you had a great time. On Saturday, I put you in your jumpers and the two of you had a blast.

Yesterday, we went to Plattsburgh to get some six-month photos taken at Wal-mart. Now, I had no idea what to expect when we got there, but it was total chaos. I wanted to get some photos done of you two for your 6 month mark, but I also wanted to wait until you were both sitting up well to invest in some good photography. Wal-mart was the compromise for the time being. We got there and checked in. The lady said they were running about 15 minutes behind schedule. No problem, mommy & daddy wanted to feed and change you anyway. So we checked back 15 minutes after our appointment was supposed to happen...another photo guy said "well i'm sorry. This family here has the 12:45 and your going to have to wait till after they are done." I said, "No. We've been here since noon waiting and I have 6-month old girls. We are not waiting." The mother of the 12:45 appointment got all snippy with mommy and was extremely rude even though I wasn't talking to her at all. Daddy likes to say I almost got into a fight with a lady at Wal-mart, but I didn't. Needless to say, we got in before "crazy lady" and set you up for your pictures. The photographer directed us what to do and how to pose you, as you don't yet sit up very well. The first pose didn't go so well, but the rest of them did. The photographer snapped pictures away and the two of you started hamming it up. He kept saying that he's never photographed two girls that looked so much like dolls. You girls did look really pretty in these red velvet and tulle dresses you were in. You both kept trying to eat the tulle during the session.

Stella gets her ears pierced
Next on the list during our Plattsburgh outing was the mall. Mommy and daddy's washer broke so we had to buy a new one. Daddy and I picked out this really great red one and also got the dryer to match. I can't wait for it to be delivered so we can start doing laundry again! Thankfully I washed all your clothes right before it died! We got the washer and dryer and then we walked down to Claire's and decided to get your ears pierced. Mommy was so excited and daddy was a really good sport about it. Sophie went first and when they pierced her, she cried for about 20 seconds. By the time mommy turned her around,  she was already smiling. Stella was up next. We got her ears pierced but she didn't recover quite as quickly. It was about 2 minutes before Stella finally calmed down. Right in the middle of Stella getting pierced, some of mommy's friends walked by and took some pictures. Thank goodness or we wouldn't have anything to commemorate this event! Thank you Erin and Kim for taking some pictures!

Before we headed home, we had a diaper-change session and while I was changing Sophie's diaper, these two young ladies walked in and were adoring Sophie and kept saying how cute you girls were and how much you looked like dolls! The lady who pierced your ears also said you girls were the cutest girls she has ever pierced.
I guess it is safe to say that you both are pretty cute. Maybe it is time we contact Auntie Tara at Fireworks to land you girls some baby modeling gigs! Hello Gerber, here we come!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

It's a Boy...cousin that is!!! - 21 weeks old

Aunt Ashley's Little Bump

My darling little ladies,
We found out last week that you two are going to have a little baby boy cousin named Van Dexter Sears! Aunt Ashley and Uncle Dawson went for their appointment last Thursday and got the "definitive" news that they were having a boy! I'm so excited for your Aunt and Uncle and I'm excited that you girls will have a cousin so close in age to you. Mommy and Uncle Dawson's sister, Desiree will be starting to plan the baby shower in the next few weeks.
Grandpa & Mary
Things with you girls have been rapidly progressing. It seems everyday brings on some new challenges and new revelations. This week we re-introduced your swaddles to you, but are not swaddling your arms in. I don't know if that is doing it or not, but you two have slept soundly all through the night this whole week. Daddy and I have been putting you to bed at about 7pm. You've been getting your nighttime bottle at 6:45 and then you've been sleeping till between 6:15 and 6:45 in the morning! We've also started with the Johnny Jumper this past week. You both love to stand so much and really enjoy bouncing up and down. Mommy also bought the Baby Einstein Activity Jumper but you girls are still to small for it at this time. It looks like a lot of fun, so hopefully we get to use it soon!
Mommy also finally bought your stroller for you. We've been using the Baby Trend double stroller frame for the past few months, but now we have the Baby Jogger City Select double stroller. It is amazing and has so many configurations. You are still too small to use it right now cause you can't sit up unassisted, but when you can we can have the seats both facing mommy or out or they can face each other! Mommy really loves the strolled and can't wait for us to start using it!
So Janer and Meme went to Albany yesterday for the day so you girls got to spend the day with Gigi. It sounds like you all did well and had fun! When mommy came home, Gigi looked so happy. I think it felt really good to her that she got to spend the whole day just her and you girls! She hasn't spent all that much time with you girls lately so i'm happy she could help out.

Mommy & Aunt Ashley
This weekend is Halloween and I feel like it has crept up on us so fast. We didn't even get pumpkins this year and I didn't do a great job at getting Halloween costumes for you either. I did find some cute jumpers...one is a cow and the other is a cheetah, so that's what you're being this year. You also got invited to a Halloween party thrown by Alyssa, Brooklyn, Spencer and Jacob...so we're going to try and attend that on Sunday. I'm sure Janer will be taking you up to the Halloween parade on Monday too if it's not too cold. I guess we'll wait and see!
Mommy will be posting Halloween pictures in a few days so we've got them in our album.

More to come! I love you!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Growing Like Weeds...19 Weeks 6 Days

19 Weeks Old

My posts have been few and far between over the last 3 months as things have been crazier than I had expected and it is harder than I ever thought it would be to steal a few quiet moments to share with you through this blog on a weekly basis. With that said, I'm sure I'll be "back-posting" some entries from July to October...so, if the last few posts that you've read seem short or just full of pictures, it's because I don't really know exactly what happened during that time frame! Why are things going to be changing? I finally thought, "hey, blogger is a pretty big site...they must have an app." So I went to the app market and sure enough there was an app for that. I downloaded it to my phone, so now I really have no excuse. My phone is with me all the time. The most peace and quiet I get during the day is when I'm breastfeeding you girls, so I plan on blogging during that time now so I can keep up with it. Well, now that the big, long winded explanation is out of they way, let's get to the actual entry!

My beautiful Sophie & Stella,
Wow! That's all I can really say. You girls have grown so much in the past few weeks. My beautiful ladies are developing so fast. You are both smiling all the time and starting to giggle quite a bit. You are definitely recognizing me when I come to pick you up at Janer's, and you are both holding your heads well and talking up a storm. Stella started rolling over a few weeks ago and is still trying to figure out how to get her arm out from under her. Yesterday when I picked you up at Janer's, I found out Sophie rolled over from her belly to her back. I almost broke down crying because I missed it. Then I put Sophie on her belly and she immediately rolled over! I was so excited to see you both hit such big milestones!
Daddy & Stella "just hangin' out"
This morning I was changing Sophie and it hit me how much you girls have grown. When we first brought you home, I could fit both of you on the changing table at the same time. This morning, as I changed Sophie into her cute little outfit, I realized that she is taking up a huge portion of the table now all by herself!
You both are really loving bath time too, but are not fans of "after-bath" time. You tend to scream at the top of your lungs from the moment we start dressing you until you get your evening bottles. Hopefully that changes soon!
You girls are starting to play a lot more, too. You are more in touch with your surroundings and have both made "best friends" with your Lambies that Grandpa and Mary gave you and your little plastic links that seem to go with us everywhere!
It's amazing to hear you girls talk. I try and talk with you a lot and tell you stories or explain what I'm doing so you start to learn. A couple of weeks ago the garden was in desperate need of weeding. You both were due for your naps so I brought you into the garden and started weeding. While I did it, I told you what I was doing and how someday the three of us will be kneeling down in the dirt picking weeds together.
So in big news...if I haven't already mentioned it, your Aunt Ashley is pregnant and due on March 13. Mommy is SO excited to meet your new cousin. Aunt Ashley and Uncle Dawson have an important appointment tomorrow morning where they will hopefully find out if they are having a boy or girl. In my heart I think they are having a boy, but a huge part of me wants her to have a girl. When mommy was a little girl, I had a cousin, McKenzie who was the same age as me. Growing up we did everything and were as close, if not closer than sisters. I hope that you girls have that relationship with not only each other, but your cousins.
I'll keep you posted on Aunt Ashley.  I can't wait to continue building this beautiful record of you girls over the next year and hopefully beyond that. Your daddy and I love you both so much and cherish every moment we have with you.

Love always,

Sunday, July 31, 2011

8 Weeks Old - Our Last Day Together: July 31

Sophie & Stella, my two little darlings:

Stella sitting up on the couch
I'm sitting here nursing you girls on my amazing new twin nursing pillow from Double Blessings and I'm just staring at you both realizing how beautiful you girls are. Whenever we go anywhere, we're always stopped and people are constantly saying, "look at that hair!" and "they are so beautiful!" You girls really are beautiful. Today is our last day together before mommy goes back to work. It has been a tough day, too! Not just has it been tough because I know we won't be able to spend every moment together tomorrow, but you both have been quite fussy. It's like you sense that it is our last day and you don't want me to go. I don't want to go, either. I'm going to be very sad when I drop you off at Spruce Lodge tomorrow to be with Janer and have to drive my car with two empty car seat bases in the back. I've never been away from you girls for more than an hour and it is going to kill me to spend 5 hours without you.

Resting After Your Shots
You girls went to your first Well Child check up with Dr. Monroe on Friday and got 3 shots each. I think that is part of why you are so fussy right now. Your check up went very well though and you both are exactly 2 lbs heavier than you were at birth. Sophie is 7lbs 3oz and Stella is 7lbs 10oz. Daddy and I keep saying that you are definitely gaining weight, cause we can see it with how your clothes fit now. Stella is starting to grow out of Newborn and starting to wear 0-3 months clothes. You both are definitely long and thin because the newborn is fitting you perfectly around, but is getting too short for you. Your footsie sleepers are too short for you now and it seems you just started fitting in them a week or two ago!

Yesterday you went to your first family reunion on daddy's side. It was out at the Old Wheel camp on ADK Loj road and everyone finally got to see you! You were both really good while daddy played in his annual softball game. It was really nice to see everyone and for everyone to meet you. We all see each other once a year if we're lucky so it was great we got to bring you and you were both good! Next year will be totally different as you will most likely just be starting to walk.

Sophie having a fit with her Cowgirl Hat on
This morning you were both a little fussy after nursing, so daddy and I put Sophie in her new bouncy rocker and Stella in the Nap Nanny. Mommy and Stella were looking at each other and I finally got my first "Social Smiles" from Stella! You were all smiles and trying to giggle...it really made mommy's day. It also makes me sad that I may miss some of these milestones now that I'll be at work. Stella and Mommy kept smiling back and forth for a while and then we went and laid on the activity mat. Stella played on the mat for a good 30 minutes, batting at the dangling toys. It was great that you were content because Sophie was not this morning. It seemed we couldn't do anything to calm her down; all she wanted was to be held.

Daddy with his "Crying Muffs" on
Last night was a very similar story. Fussy time came later than usual, about 8pm and it only lasted about 2 1/2 hours this time (it is usually closer to 4), but it seemed extra fussy and Daddy & Mommy were already tired from being at the reunion all day. Mommy & Daddy tried everything to calm you girls down. Once one would calm down, the other would start crying. Mommy found out that Stella calmed down when she looked at the black and white photographs on the wall, so we did that for a while. Once Stella calmed down a bit, I traded with Daddy and took fussy Sophie. Mommy put Sophie in the Bjorn and she finally settled down. But...as soon as Sophie settled, Stella started fussing again. This is probably the hardest part about raising twins: it is hard to keep you both calm when you are fussing. If you fuss at the same time, the crying is in stereo and both mommy and daddy are trying to keep you calm. If you fussing alternates, it seems one parent never gets to relax! Finally, we put both of you in front carriers and you calmed down so mommy & daddy could eat dinner. We finally got you to sleep at about 11:00 and mommy & daddy were exhausted and falling asleep too!

Some milestones that we have been noticing this week:

  • Stella gave mommy Social Smiles - July 31
  • Sophie & Stella are both picking their heads up and turning them from side to side when on tummy
  • Sophie & Stella are both making new noises
  • Sophie & Stella are both making eye contact and following objects
  • Your "Wubbies" seem to help calm you down when you are fussing
Wish me luck tomorrow when I go back to work. I can't wait for the 5 hours to end so I can be holding you both in my arms again, snuggling and kissing you and watching you grow.

I love you both so much!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

7 weeks 6 days - July 27

Sophie & Stella,

Good morning to you girls. It is definitely a good morning, because last night was the first night you slept through the night!!!

Yesterday was your first day spent at Spruce Lodge with Janer. Mommy is going back to the office on Monday, and so this week we are spending the mornings at Spruce Lodge so you can get used to being there and being around people other than me. I spent the day with you and did my work from Spruce Lodge. This also gives Janer a chance to get comfortable with your routine. It seems like you girls are adjusting just fine to the new environment and we actually found two rockers/bouncers that you really seem to like. One was at Spruce Lodge and your cousin Jacob had one too that we had to talk him into letting you girls borrow! As soon as we placed you in the rockers, you feel asleep almost instantly. I couldn't believe it! I think part of it was that they are at the perfect angle for you to sleep but not spit up so much. Mommy loved the rockers so much, she overnighted two more for home! These Fisher Price baby rockers are amazing and I love them so much, as do you!


Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy 1 Month Birthday!

1 Month Old

Sophie & Stella,
Happy 1 month birthday to my two cute little dumplings! Mommy and daddy have had so much fun watching you girls grow up. Mommy bought a CD of baby music called "Daybreak." When Aunt Juji was a baby, we played this CD every morning when we got her up and ready, so I bought it and have been playing it every morning with you girls.

This week was the first time mommy left you home alone with someone other than daddy. Aunt Juji babysat you for a half an hour while mommy went for a run. I was a little nervous leaving you alone with anyone so soon, but Aunt Juji has been helping mommy out every day with taking care of you, so I knew she would do a good job! You girls slept the whole time anyway.

Daddy and I have noticed that you are sleeping better this week. We've started getting into a routine at night. When it's time for your last feeding, mommy nurses and burps, and then we get you changed into your swaddles, turn on your Lambie noise machine, and read a few books. Sometimes we have a bath before nursing and we always end the night reading "Good Night Moon."

Tummy time has become enjoyable to you both and you are really liking your Activity Gym that Noel and Jake bought you. You both are starting to lift your heads and turn them from side to side, showing how strong you are! Here is a video of Sophie playing on the activity mat for the very first time.

You girls are starting to notice black and white patterns whenever we put them in front of you. Your activity mat has a lot of black and white on it and so do your crib bumpers that I made you. Everytime I catch you looking at the patterns, your eyes get all big and you look like you're in a distant daze. It is so cute.

Inside of Bumpers with Houndstooth pattern
Speaking of your crib bumpers, I finally finished one set. I still have to sew together the second set, but I haven't found the time and you're still sleeping in one crib for now. I got the pattern from this great site and the bumpers were really easy to make. At first I was a little intimidated because I hadn't sewn in quite a few years and it seemed that sewing on a binding/piping would be more than I could handle, seeing as I like everything to look professionally done. But, the bumpers turned out really good and I'm so happy with them. I also finished your toddler bed comforters. Everything matches now and you have some beautiful patterns and fabrics in your nursery now. The last piece to do is just hanging up the ribbon mobiles I made.

First Trip to the Jumps!
This week was Daddy's first day ski jumping this summer. Daddy has been a ski jumper since he was 6 years old and got to jump in the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, UT as a forerunner. Daddy likes to jump in the summer and tries to get out a few times each year. He is planning on jumping in the Lake Placid Saturday Series this summer with all the young athletes.

Mommy brought you to the ski jumps for the first time this week to watch Daddy jump. Everyone was so excited to meet you! I'm sure you will have hundreds and hundreds of trips to the ski jumps over the years. Everyone is asking which one of you will be a future jumper, especially now that Women's Ski Jumping is an Olympic sport! I guess we'll have to see if either of you end up doing it or taking up something else instead. Uncle Casey votes for Golf or Tennis!

I can't believe you girls are already 1 month old. It seems like yesterday I was holding you for the very first time and now you are a month old! I can't wait to enjoy the next month.