Monday, December 5, 2011

Snapshots & Studs

My Little Gerber Babies
6 months old!

Dear my cute little baby dolls,
You made it to six months! The picture up above was taken on your six month birthday. Mommy posted it on Facebook and got a ton of comments. They said things like, "they look like Gerber babies" and "they are so cute!" You girls really are very cute. I know I'm your mommy, but you girls are darling. The last few days have been so much fun. Janer put you in the exersaucer and walker and apparently you had a great time. On Saturday, I put you in your jumpers and the two of you had a blast.

Yesterday, we went to Plattsburgh to get some six-month photos taken at Wal-mart. Now, I had no idea what to expect when we got there, but it was total chaos. I wanted to get some photos done of you two for your 6 month mark, but I also wanted to wait until you were both sitting up well to invest in some good photography. Wal-mart was the compromise for the time being. We got there and checked in. The lady said they were running about 15 minutes behind schedule. No problem, mommy & daddy wanted to feed and change you anyway. So we checked back 15 minutes after our appointment was supposed to happen...another photo guy said "well i'm sorry. This family here has the 12:45 and your going to have to wait till after they are done." I said, "No. We've been here since noon waiting and I have 6-month old girls. We are not waiting." The mother of the 12:45 appointment got all snippy with mommy and was extremely rude even though I wasn't talking to her at all. Daddy likes to say I almost got into a fight with a lady at Wal-mart, but I didn't. Needless to say, we got in before "crazy lady" and set you up for your pictures. The photographer directed us what to do and how to pose you, as you don't yet sit up very well. The first pose didn't go so well, but the rest of them did. The photographer snapped pictures away and the two of you started hamming it up. He kept saying that he's never photographed two girls that looked so much like dolls. You girls did look really pretty in these red velvet and tulle dresses you were in. You both kept trying to eat the tulle during the session.

Stella gets her ears pierced
Next on the list during our Plattsburgh outing was the mall. Mommy and daddy's washer broke so we had to buy a new one. Daddy and I picked out this really great red one and also got the dryer to match. I can't wait for it to be delivered so we can start doing laundry again! Thankfully I washed all your clothes right before it died! We got the washer and dryer and then we walked down to Claire's and decided to get your ears pierced. Mommy was so excited and daddy was a really good sport about it. Sophie went first and when they pierced her, she cried for about 20 seconds. By the time mommy turned her around,  she was already smiling. Stella was up next. We got her ears pierced but she didn't recover quite as quickly. It was about 2 minutes before Stella finally calmed down. Right in the middle of Stella getting pierced, some of mommy's friends walked by and took some pictures. Thank goodness or we wouldn't have anything to commemorate this event! Thank you Erin and Kim for taking some pictures!

Before we headed home, we had a diaper-change session and while I was changing Sophie's diaper, these two young ladies walked in and were adoring Sophie and kept saying how cute you girls were and how much you looked like dolls! The lady who pierced your ears also said you girls were the cutest girls she has ever pierced.
I guess it is safe to say that you both are pretty cute. Maybe it is time we contact Auntie Tara at Fireworks to land you girls some baby modeling gigs! Hello Gerber, here we come!