Sunday, July 31, 2011

8 Weeks Old - Our Last Day Together: July 31

Sophie & Stella, my two little darlings:

Stella sitting up on the couch
I'm sitting here nursing you girls on my amazing new twin nursing pillow from Double Blessings and I'm just staring at you both realizing how beautiful you girls are. Whenever we go anywhere, we're always stopped and people are constantly saying, "look at that hair!" and "they are so beautiful!" You girls really are beautiful. Today is our last day together before mommy goes back to work. It has been a tough day, too! Not just has it been tough because I know we won't be able to spend every moment together tomorrow, but you both have been quite fussy. It's like you sense that it is our last day and you don't want me to go. I don't want to go, either. I'm going to be very sad when I drop you off at Spruce Lodge tomorrow to be with Janer and have to drive my car with two empty car seat bases in the back. I've never been away from you girls for more than an hour and it is going to kill me to spend 5 hours without you.

Resting After Your Shots
You girls went to your first Well Child check up with Dr. Monroe on Friday and got 3 shots each. I think that is part of why you are so fussy right now. Your check up went very well though and you both are exactly 2 lbs heavier than you were at birth. Sophie is 7lbs 3oz and Stella is 7lbs 10oz. Daddy and I keep saying that you are definitely gaining weight, cause we can see it with how your clothes fit now. Stella is starting to grow out of Newborn and starting to wear 0-3 months clothes. You both are definitely long and thin because the newborn is fitting you perfectly around, but is getting too short for you. Your footsie sleepers are too short for you now and it seems you just started fitting in them a week or two ago!

Yesterday you went to your first family reunion on daddy's side. It was out at the Old Wheel camp on ADK Loj road and everyone finally got to see you! You were both really good while daddy played in his annual softball game. It was really nice to see everyone and for everyone to meet you. We all see each other once a year if we're lucky so it was great we got to bring you and you were both good! Next year will be totally different as you will most likely just be starting to walk.

Sophie having a fit with her Cowgirl Hat on
This morning you were both a little fussy after nursing, so daddy and I put Sophie in her new bouncy rocker and Stella in the Nap Nanny. Mommy and Stella were looking at each other and I finally got my first "Social Smiles" from Stella! You were all smiles and trying to really made mommy's day. It also makes me sad that I may miss some of these milestones now that I'll be at work. Stella and Mommy kept smiling back and forth for a while and then we went and laid on the activity mat. Stella played on the mat for a good 30 minutes, batting at the dangling toys. It was great that you were content because Sophie was not this morning. It seemed we couldn't do anything to calm her down; all she wanted was to be held.

Daddy with his "Crying Muffs" on
Last night was a very similar story. Fussy time came later than usual, about 8pm and it only lasted about 2 1/2 hours this time (it is usually closer to 4), but it seemed extra fussy and Daddy & Mommy were already tired from being at the reunion all day. Mommy & Daddy tried everything to calm you girls down. Once one would calm down, the other would start crying. Mommy found out that Stella calmed down when she looked at the black and white photographs on the wall, so we did that for a while. Once Stella calmed down a bit, I traded with Daddy and took fussy Sophie. Mommy put Sophie in the Bjorn and she finally settled down. soon as Sophie settled, Stella started fussing again. This is probably the hardest part about raising twins: it is hard to keep you both calm when you are fussing. If you fuss at the same time, the crying is in stereo and both mommy and daddy are trying to keep you calm. If you fussing alternates, it seems one parent never gets to relax! Finally, we put both of you in front carriers and you calmed down so mommy & daddy could eat dinner. We finally got you to sleep at about 11:00 and mommy & daddy were exhausted and falling asleep too!

Some milestones that we have been noticing this week:

  • Stella gave mommy Social Smiles - July 31
  • Sophie & Stella are both picking their heads up and turning them from side to side when on tummy
  • Sophie & Stella are both making new noises
  • Sophie & Stella are both making eye contact and following objects
  • Your "Wubbies" seem to help calm you down when you are fussing
Wish me luck tomorrow when I go back to work. I can't wait for the 5 hours to end so I can be holding you both in my arms again, snuggling and kissing you and watching you grow.

I love you both so much!

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  1. Stella and Sophie are so beautiful. You are blessed, and such amazing parents. Going back to work was DIFFICULT, but mostly for Dale and I, the kids did great. They are now 34, 30, and 21 and the best.


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