Wednesday, July 27, 2011

7 weeks 6 days - July 27

Sophie & Stella,

Good morning to you girls. It is definitely a good morning, because last night was the first night you slept through the night!!!

Yesterday was your first day spent at Spruce Lodge with Janer. Mommy is going back to the office on Monday, and so this week we are spending the mornings at Spruce Lodge so you can get used to being there and being around people other than me. I spent the day with you and did my work from Spruce Lodge. This also gives Janer a chance to get comfortable with your routine. It seems like you girls are adjusting just fine to the new environment and we actually found two rockers/bouncers that you really seem to like. One was at Spruce Lodge and your cousin Jacob had one too that we had to talk him into letting you girls borrow! As soon as we placed you in the rockers, you feel asleep almost instantly. I couldn't believe it! I think part of it was that they are at the perfect angle for you to sleep but not spit up so much. Mommy loved the rockers so much, she overnighted two more for home! These Fisher Price baby rockers are amazing and I love them so much, as do you!


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